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Writing a job description

In an ever tighter recruitment market it's imperative to know what person you are looking for to fulfil what roles. For example just because you need a "Quantity Surveyor" do you need to recruit a Quantity Surveyor or could someone who have experience doing accounts, chasing payments, working out variations do the job? It might not be the answer but it's important to look at skills rather than just Job Titles.

Firstly we look at the Job Specification:

General Overview

  • Job Title and Department
  • Core skills – what does the role consist of?
  • Aims of the job – what is the end result?

Responsibilities in detail

  • Day to day duties and responsibilities including a typical day if possible
  • Who does the person report to?
  • Who reports to this person?
  • The job process from start to finish
  • The extras – ie the parts of a job that liven up the day to day duties – any extra responsibilities


  • Look at the market - who could do this job?
  • What are those people being paid?
  • What are people in your market being paid?
  • What is your company approach to salaries
  • Are there any bonuses?
  • Car allowance? Car? Benefits?
  • Pension?
  • Health?
  • Holiday Days?

From here you can build a Person Specification:

Skills and Abilities

  • Abilities the person should be able to demonstrate
  • Time spent working alone to spent working with someone's help
  • Technical, creative, organisational or communicative skills necessary to fulfil the role?
  • Apply each skill to each role of the job.

Qualifications and experience

  • What specific qualifications, if any, are necessary to be able to fulfil the role?
  • What level of experience, if any, is necessary to fulfil the role?
  • Are the skills transferable between industries?
  • Are you being discriminative requesting specific experience?

Personal characteristics

  • What is the current culture of your team?
  • What characteristics will this person need to display in order to work effectively in the role?

The key to the Job Description and Person Specifications is detail – don’t be vague as it will result in a non specific response from your recruitment consultant.

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