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Architectural Elite is a leading specialist recruitment company that provides Planning Engineer jobs within architectural practices, developers, multi-disciplined organisations, design and build, contractors, interior design practices and surveyors within United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Bahrain, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and the Far East.

Planning engineers oversee the operation of a particular project along with the project manager. This could be either at site or in an office depending on the stage of the project. The largest projects are carried out on behalf of oil companies, construction companies, governments and the rail network. Planning engineers are responsible for working out a sequence of activities that are required to complete a project and linking them all together using the resources to the best possible effect.

Once a sequence of activities has been developed, planning engineers along with the project manager and engineering manager are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly until the project has been successfully finished. Whilst keeping the initial schedule of work in mind, planning engineers must also anticipate particular demands which may arise. For example, different projects will lead to different labour demands, different material needs, different equipment, and varying technical elements. Changes in scope midway through a project may also cause resources to become stretched elsewhere.

The technical side is important to the work of a planning engineer, who ensures that the project is completed to the highest possible standard. Furthermore, they are responsible for calculating whether a project can finish in the time required by the client. If there is no client then the planning engineer will determine the timescale. They must also ensure that everyone involved in the project is aware of how their activities relate to others to avoid any unnecessary delays. This is extremely important since most project contracts include clauses which will force the company employing the planning engineer to pay a penalty if deadlines are not met. This penalty could be millions of pounds.

Architectural Elite has specialist experience in finding jobs for Planning Engineers and Senior Planning Engineers so please visit our jobs page for our latest Planning Engineer jobs or contact us to speak to one of our specialist recruitment consultants

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