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Architectural Elite is a leading specialist recruitment company that provides Landscape Architect jobs within architectural practices, developers, multi-disciplined organisations, design and build, contractors, interior design practices and surveyors within United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Bahrain, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and the Far East.

Landscape architects create the landscape around us. They plan, design and manage open spaces including both natural and built environments.

They work to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing environments for people to enjoy, whilst ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable.

The work covers diverse projects - both urban and rural - that range from designing the layout of parks, gardens and housing estates to city-centre design to improving land affected by mining or motorway construction.

A landscape architect collaborates closely with landscape contractors, as well as other professionals, especially architects, planners, environmentalists and people working in surveying and engineering functions.

An excellent introduction to the profession appears on the Landscape Institute's website which is the Royal Chartered body for Landscape Architects.

Architectural Elite has specialist experience in finding jobs for Landscape Architect (Part 1, 2, 3 & 4), Senior Landscape Architects, Associates to Director level so please visit our jobs page for our latest Landscape Architect jobs or contact us to speak to one of our specialist recruitment consultants

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