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There are many myths surround CVs, how they should look, what information to contain and how long they should be, the following information and examples are designed to make the most of your experience, background and display it in the most positive light in order to give you the best chance of have an opportunity with the jobs and getting an interview with those companies.

Once you have read through the information below we also have some guides as to how you send your CVs to us to make sure we send you the jobs you are looking for, please see our blog, how to send CVs to Architectural Elite.

Unfortunately we won't be able to send you the relevant jobs if you don't contain the right information so make sure you contain everything in your professional background!!


To start with present your personal information or take a look at this example of a good CV.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers (numbers you can be contacted on day and night)
  • Email addresses
  • Any medical information which is applicable

Education and Qualifications

Remember to include all professional and vocational qualifications you have gained. Document any construction related training courses such as Health and Safety at Work, First Aid certificate (including expiry dates) etc

Complete this section by briefly recording your academic qualifications, again starting with the most recent and working backwards to your GCSEs/O' levels.

All your computer skills

You won't believe how many people leave specialist CAD systems or 3D packages out of their CV so make sure you contain all of them!

Professional Experience

You need to document your career experience, who you have been working for, on what projects and in what capacity and for how long. Please always include you official job title plus your day to day responsibilities

Make sure the information is informative, to the point and of relevance. Include a few projects that you've worked on at each company explaining what type projects they are/were, value if known and a clear and concise description of your duties

Ensure you highlight particular achievements and any unique skills you gained.

Start with your current position or last position and work backwards.


  • Highlight words or phrases in your CV
  • Write your CV as a story (literally), it's extremely time consuming and exhausting to read a CV looking for specific information
  • Examples of bad CVs


  • To keep to the truth, you will always get found out
  • Make sure your CV is clearly laid out and consistant
  • Include any particular achievements that you are proud of
  • Make sure you are thorough, the rule of keeping your CV to 2 pages is a myth, this should only be the case for graduates. For someone with 25 years experience to keep to 2 pages is deemed unprofessional.
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