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AE Interview tips (clients)

Everyone has their own style of interview which is personal to them, however it's important, especially if you are interviewing multiple candidates that you have a structure you stick to so you have an level playing field from which to assess each candidate:


  • Ensure you will not be disturbed, that the room you are interviewing in is of ambient temperature and free from external distracting noises. Turn your phone off.
  • Re read the job and person specification and make notes on each candidates' CV of talking points and measuring up to the specifications you have.
  • Prepare your questions - what are the candidate's strengths and weaknesses? What skills can you see they have that fit your specification and what are they lacking? Probe relevant experience to the role you have.

The interview

  • Initially you need to put the candidate at ease and build rapport with them in order to see the interview run smoothly and get the most out of the experience
  • IInform the candidate how long the interview will take and what you are looking for in particular.
  • IQuestion the candidate as per your structured plan
  • ITell the candidate about your company and the role you are recruiting for
  • IAsk them if they have any questions for you

Use a mix of questioning techniques:

  • Open - Who? What? Why? When? How? - Questions that provoke an explanation answer as opposed to:
  • Close - Questions used to establish facts - one word answers
  • Probing - checking details through asking more questions, identifying a topic and drilling down all the information
  • Evidence - ask them questions on how they have dealt with actual problems, how they have handled specific problems


  • Hypothetical - what would you do if? By asking a hypothetical question you may get a hypothetical answer - stick to Evidence Questions
  • Multiple - sometime slack of preparation makes an interviewer ask more than one question at a time - the candidate may get confused as to what answer you are looking for
  • Assumptive - Don't ever assume anything - it's easy for a candidate to agree with you rather than give their real answer

Closing the interview

  • Leave the candidate with a positive lasting impression, open yourself up so they can ask any questions of you and agree a timescale of when you will make your decision so the candidate isn't left in the dark.

After the interview

  • Call your recruitment consultant to give your feedback - if there is anything you missed or more information you need ask your recruitment consultant to come back to you.

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