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AE Interview tips (candidate)

The most important thing to remember about an interview is that it is a two way process – not only is the client interviewing you but you must remember to ask questions of the client – do you want to work for them?


Ensure you have all the necessary documentation:

  • Maps to the meeting place
  • Correct time you are meeting
  • Portfolio of work you think may be of interest and show you in the best light
  • At Architectural Elite we always prepare the client with a copy of your CV but there’s no harm taking a copy along yourself
  • Any written references you might have
  • Copies of certification and qualifications

Make sure you have recently read through your CV so you have it fresh to mind.

Make a list of questions that are important to you. These might include:

  • What is the company culture?
  • What is the company’s promotion structure?
  • What is the company’s attitude to risk?
  • What are the main requirements of the position?
  • Who will you report to?
  • Who is in the current team? How long have they been there?

Ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive slightly early and make sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you are coming straight from site let your consultant know so they can prepare the client.

The interview itself

  • Be honest and open about your experience
  • Don’t be vague, answer the question you are being asked – if you are not sure what they are asking, request the interviewer clarifies himself
  • Let the interviewer know what you are honestly looking for – if the role is not right for whatever reason don’t feel the need to pretend it is – perhaps they have something else that is right. By working with Architectural Elite this will rarely happen if you have been honest and upfront with your consultants
  • If you are not sure leave the salary negotiation to your consultant – it can save embarrassing situations
  • Take notes and ask the questions you have prepared
  • Leave a (positive) lasting impression – by being alert, answering exactly what is asked of you and asking your relevant questions you should leave a positive lasting impression

After the interview

Call your recruitment consultant as soon as you are out from your interview and give them the feedback. They will then chase through feedback with the client and let you know the next step as soon as possible.

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